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25 PhD Scholarships in the ARC Centre for Next-Gen Architectural Manufacturing

Are you ready to be a part of the cutting edge of the digital transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sector?

Join the ARC Centre for Next-Gen Architectural Manufacturing, an exciting collaboration between 3 Australian universities (UNSW, Swinburne, Uni of Adelaide), and Australia’s leading architectural design and engineering practices and professional bodies. We are seeking the next generation of leaders who will drive innovation and revolutionise the industry through digitisation.

As a PhD Candidate in our Centre, you will receive specialised training in innovative digital technologies that are shaping the future of the Architecture, Design, and Engineering industries. You will conduct collaborative, cutting-edge research on interconnected themes that will unlock the potential of new and existing data. You will have the opportunity to develop more effective workflows, tools, and software, and contribute to sector-directed educational content that will uplift the digital skills and commercial opportunities of Australian Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Our Centre comprises three labs, each targeting different challenges in digitising the AEC sector: Synthesis Lab, Management Lab, and Analytics Lab (see below for details). We are offering seven PhD scholarships within each theme lab, and with that, the exciting and rare opportunity to be part of a collaborative research cohort.

Additionally, each PhD Candidate will have the unique opportunity to work closely with industry partner firms in an embedded mode, based within their offices for varying periods of time. Our industry partners include renowned firms such as Architectus, Bollinger + Grohmann, Cox, Grimshaw, and Tzannes, who will provide you with real-world experience, exposure to cutting-edge projects, and exciting employment prospects at PhD completion.

In addition, you will have access to domain experts in partnering international institutions such as University College London, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Barcelona, and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, further enhancing your research and networking opportunities.

You may be based at either UNSW in Sydney (Built Environment School or Business School), Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne (School of Design + Architecture), or University of Adelaide (School of Architecture and Civil Engineering) with the degree awarded from the university where you are enrolled. The scholarship offers $35K per year for 3 years, with the potential for top-up scholarships and onsite industry training, providing you with financial support and professional development opportunities.

The timeline for commencing your PhD varies, with multiple start dates available in 2024, allowing you to choose a timeline that fits your needs and availability.

Eligibility requirements for a UNSW PhD can be found here, for a Swinburne PhD can be found here. and for a Uni of Adelaide PhD can be found here.

The Labs

The Synthesis Lab focuses on the integration of creative operational processes and practices in design, developing more efficient, reliable, and effective workflows, software, and tools to leverage data and automation in Architecture, Design, and Engineering.

The Management Lab explores new business and commercial potentials arising from digital transformation processes in Architecture, Design, and Engineering; rethinking traditional business models and developing strategies to invest in technology for maximum financial returns.

The Analytics Lab focuses on leveraging data used in architectural design and engineering businesses, using big data analysis, automation, and machine learning to extrapolate future patterns and develop new knowledge and models.

More about the Centre

The ARC Centre for Next-Gen Architectural Manufacturing (ArchManu) is a collaborative initiative between UNSW, Swinburne University of Technology, and University of Adelaide. The Centre has been funded for 5 years by the Australian Research Council. It is formed around three Labs (Synthesis, Management, and Analytics) to bridge current gaps in knowledge and practice. Each Lab will comprise a cohort of PhD Candidates, guided by 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 2 senior Theme Leads, and a network of supporting academics within UNSW, Swinburne, Uni of Adelaide, and international partner institutions.

Join us at the forefront of the digital transformation in the AEC industry, where you will have the opportunity to make a real impact, work with industry leaders, collaborate with fellow researchers, and contribute to cutting-edge research projects. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be part of the next generation of leaders in shaping the future of architectural design and engineering through digitisation.

Applications have closed.